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ZENITH's El Primero

A new chronograph

replica HUBLOT MASTERPIECE MP-02 KEY OF TIME WATCH (http://www.reviewbestselling.com).In order to celebrate the launch of the new Range Rover tongue, the fourth member of the home Land Rover Range Rover, the Swiss watch the home when the real power show a new chronograph when the El Primero ChronoMaster Rover special tongue prelude.

The origin of the term "tongue"

In 1969 the House Car Rover took this to define a new category of a project that combines the luxury and the ability of a single vehicle in all terrain: so the top SUV models were born. The new vehicle takes off all the badges of the logo "of various tests Vera R" - from the Latin name "by the veil" - and then officially took the name of the Range Rover only in the launch of 1970.

Of El Primero

In the same year, this Swiss company presented the "El Primero", the first full-caliber chronograph in the world. With the second, by one-tenth of the high-frequency assurance, he was born with the most accurate chronograph watch.replica Richard Mille RM011 Flyback Chronograph Black Watch (http://www.greatwatcheshere.com)

The thrust of innovation

Nearly fifty years later, this innovative spirit is still in the two brands, which at the same time is the inherent feature of the new DNA, and the new chronograph as an ideal accessory. Today in Geneva will have its global debut of the zenith of El Primero ChronoMaster Rover Special Edition pre-tongue - the second product of the long-term partnership between the two brands.


Salvadorian original tongue

The precise timing of the El Primero tongue preverts, developed by the designers and engineers of the two teams in close cooperation, presented a personalized ceramic coated aluminum case with 36,000 vibrations per hour (VPH) high frequency movement. The El Primero tongue preamble is a wearable symbolic performance, light weight, elegant simplicity and minimality, belonging to all the members of the family of all qualities.

After the first chronograph developed by the two brands, the "El Primero tongue preamble confirms its position in the market with the most accurate mechanical chronograph movement position. L 'El Primero tongue The sound has a 42mm case with a finish color polished copper in a strong contrast, a gray brushed dial slate, three counters, six o'clock on the date, and a powerful crown with two buttons combined.buy replica men watches (http://www.reviewbestselling.com/)

In the writing of the back of the stand out of the Range Rover and the tongue before the elegant engraved in the pendulum and ringing transparent cover. The El Primero tongue is accompanied by a co-designed shoulder strap, a sustainable rubber covered with dark gray leather, perforated drill. The leather strap is used for the most popular interior of the same Scottish leather tour; the triple fold belt Buttoned with diamond coated with carbon (DLC) titanium.

Reflecting the charm, in the modernity and the "noble lanterns of the prelude tone, the chronograph of El Primero is absolutely inspired by the design simplicity but offers the latest technology, an irresistible style, attention to detail. Perfectly optimized proportions And functional expression "simple elegance perfect and exquisite commensurate name tongue tongue sound.

HUBLOT MP-02 Gold key

www.greatwatcheshere.com (http://www.greatwatcheshere.com).HUBLOT MP-02 Golden Globe 902.OX.1138.RX is a magnificent watch that can be considered a pillar watch for science fiction movies, but because of some strange reason just a simple spectacle. In the case of large-scale asymmetry with 18K Hublot golden gold, satin brushed and micro-sprayed areas, the widest dimension of which is close to 52mm and weighs 315 grams of pure treasure. Even if you know that we hate the comparison between the brands, this is one example, we have no choice but to say that the appearance of this watch reminiscent of MB & F or URWERK created by the watch.

Thick, large, extremely rugged, Hublot MP-02 Golden Key case contains 512 amazing hand wounds HUB9002, and provides 5 full-day 120-hour power reserve. MP-02 era golden key with a multi-layer matte black dial, with satin gold-plated and gold-plated gold-plated decals red luminescent material, plated black nickel-plated hand also comes with red luminescent material. The dial has a clean science fiction - some industrial lines - with power reserve indicator, run the stopwatch vertically, through the 6 o'clock window can be seen, the deceleration / acceleration indicator turns green when activated.


Equipped with two crowns, one on the left side of the deceleration or acceleration movement, the right side of a wind direction and set the time, we can say that this watch is spectacular vertical flight tourbillon visible at 6 o clock through a beautiful circular opening.

Equipped with sapphire crystal back with anti-reflective treatment, black nickel-plated movement, its 74 jewelry, bevel and drawing frame and round grain groove, through the opening is completely visible, is the real treatment of the eyes. Through the 6 o'clock circular opening visible vertical flight tourbillon beyond the charming.replica ORIS TT3 Watches (http://www.reviewbestselling.com/)

Watch with a comfortable black rubber strap, with a button, the watch is very ergonomic. Rubber strap is very smooth, almost like a silicone strap, not a rubber strap. Strap with 18K gold and fine powder black PVD titanium deployment buckle. The strap is fully integrated into the housing and surrounds the enclosure around the enclosure. Its ergonomic design helps wristbands around wrist, just like gloves.

On the wrist, its presence is unparalleled, the watch is heavily worn, but its weight and size are quite comfortable. Once you put this watch on your wrist, you almost think you are the king of the universe, commanding the interstellar spacecraft through the undiscovered galaxy. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very special watch, but also makes you feel very special.

After reading this watch, we can frankly say that we have reviewed here very few watches so that we feel like this Yu-ship MP-02 Golden Age Golden Key as well. Have confidence, after hundreds of watches review, we can say that if we had to choose a watch in the rest of the life to wear, then this watch is to be included in our list. Yu-ship MP-02 era golden key limited to 30 limited edition.replica ZENITH CHRONOMASTER EL PRIMERO SPORT LAND ROVER BAR Watch (http://www.luxuryrelogio.com)

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